Listen to "Are You Here?" by The Presets

Publish Date
Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 10:41AM

With their latest album 'HI VIZ' still burning bright in the minds of electronic music lovers across the world, THE PRESETS return with a re-edit of the much-loved album track "Are You Here?" featuring Tommy from the DMA’s.

Pumping up the drums and psychedelia, this brand new version is sure to ignite dancefloors across the country this Summer.

As KIM puts it... “A psychedelic fever-dream about the impermanence of memory, disintegration of love and the deepest desire to break free from any artificially programmed notions of self, we decided to take the album version and flip it to create a brand spanking nu-edit with the help of our long-time studio collaborator Scott Horscroft.”