Matt & Jerry's Top 5 Sexiest Things About Kim Jong-un

Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 5:06PM

In light of the amazing spectacle that was the trump Kim Jong-un summit yesterday in Singapore, Matt & Jerry countdown the Top 5 Sexiest Things About the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un.

Number 5
His great motorcade! Featuring a flash Mercedes S Class limo flanked by 12 joggers in Frank Casey suits and Hush Puppies. Things go south after that though as it is followed by a 4 door Rav 4 and a 2007 Prius.  

Number 4
Ex-girlfriends, uncles, brothers. Cross him and you’re dead. A sexy murderous streak!

Number 3
North Korea maybe starving and working themselves to death but meth and weed are totally legal. Also Uni's on the Molly on his secret Ibiza style party island. Good times.

Number 2
His sneaky, sneaky ways! Blowing up sheds and gottages in the countryside and saying they are nuclear facilities... Also, zoom in on his shoes he’s wearing 5-inch height increases. Sneaky

Number 1
He’s the classic Bond villain! Bad haircut and surrounded by super-hot ladies.

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