Between Two Beers Podcast - Mike Lane: The Worst Stories Broadcast In NZ (re-release)

Publish Date
Monday, 16 May 2022, 11:43AM

On this episode we’re re-winding the clock nearly two years to September 23, 2020, when we sat down with Alternative Commentary Collective boss Mike Lane. 
Lane was Between Two Beers’ first big ‘get’. Up untill then, we’d been a relatively niche football podcast, but this chat inspired us to broaden our outlook. Lane is a world-class storyteller and this was one of our most memorable episodes.
In it we talk about the worst things the ACC have said on air, what it was like managing Matt Heath, Jeremy Wells, Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte, what really happened when the ICC booted Lane’s commentary team from the Cricket World Cup, battling and beating cancer, men’s mental health and the future of sports broadcasting in New Zealand. 

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