Between Two Beers Podcast - Jono & Ben: The Journey To Prime Time

Publish Date
Monday, 20 June 2022, 8:47AM

Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce otherwise known as Jono and Ben are one of the most recognisable duos in New Zealand entertainment.

After starting out as stars in their own right they came together as Jono and Ben a juggernaut of Kiwi comedy that was one of TVs top rating shows for seven years. The show helped launch the career of many of New Zealand’s top comedic acts and their skits and pranks became legendary and live on to this day.

From Ben starting out on Pulp Sport and Jono on being professionally tortured on “do stuff to Jono Friday’s” they are now the hosts of the breakfast show on The Hits and their broadcast journey has mirrored their life arc with their content maturing as they have.

There is no ego with these guys despite their success, they are genuine, warm, funny and quick witted, but there’s great depth to them and they touch on very serious, important themes – like asking for help – and being there for your mates in tough times.

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