Radio Hauraki Brewery Tour - Day 6 Diary

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Friday, 15 June 2018, 2:21PM

Now that was a f*cking gig!

The Brewery Tour rolled into Christchurch on a cold and crisp Thursday night and the scene of the madness was Blue Smoke. For the first time on the tour, the venue was an actual music venue. A stage, a loud as f*ck PA and a room designed for bands. Jon took the stage for his DJ set and played like he was playing an actual show. Fans in the front row were rocking out and sweaty. Chucking their legs up on the monitors headbanging and shredding air guitars. At one point I was pretty sure Jon was going to do a stage dive. He came off the stage after his set exhausted like he had just played a Shihad set but with a giant grin on his face from ear to ear.

Meanwhile, Leigh was outside orchestrating the world’s first ever double shoey. 

Strange scenes followed as Leigh’s shoes were then placed in the hand dryers of the Ladies toilets to dry out. Judging by the crowd Christchurch might have the most fanatical Bhuja fans. There was even a guy with an “ISSSSSSSS HEEEEE?” tattoo on his arm. 

A true Bhujinist wears it on their sleeve. Issseeeee!?

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Local musicians and great New Zealanders Jed Parsons and Emma Cameron from Decades were amongst the chaos outside and after the chat turned to “Have you ever pooed your pants?” the quote of the night would have to be “if you haven’t pooed your pants, you haven’t lived. You haven’t felt that rush of adrenaline of trying with all your brain power and muscle strength to hold it in and then the pure joy when the dam bursts.” Time to go…

We retired to Leigh’s room for a nightcap and stumbled upon a movie right in the middle of a very explicit sex scene. Tom, Leigh & I all on Leigh’s bed, red wine in hand then sat through the rest of a terrible physiological thriller on the thin vale of hope of some more boobs. There was not. 

The final stop on the Brewery Tour was upon us, Dunedin we’re coming. Are you ready?

Massive thanks to the great New Zealanders at Jack Links for making the Brewery Tour possible. 

Words by Joseph Durie - Please direct all hate to Joe_Ray_Me on Twitter

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