Best of Hauraki Drive - Mid-Week Wounding!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 December 2019, 7:14PM

Last week's podcast was so punishingly long that the fellas have had to start doing them twice a week.

Here's what we're dealing with on this ep: Matty & Manaia read out some of the txts that were too spicy for the airwaves (0:00) if you're listening in mixed company you can skip to the best bits (8:02) where they discuss the best hangover cures (10:19) ask you if you've ever slept with a mates sister (18:02) discuss the Crumbed Fish phenomenon (26:36) and the strange ways you've been caught ch-ch-cheating (33:33) then Sam from Shapeshifter pops in to weather some terrible, terrible questions from the fellas (44:39).

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