The ACC: The Agenda - Episode 9 "Trading Ma'a Nonu"

Publish Date
Monday, 4 March 2019, 4:13PM

This episode's panel features James McOnie, Scotty J Stevenson & G Lane.

The Agenda Topics touched on in this episode are: #1 How can we raise the stakes to make the final two tests vs the Bangers watchable? (01:35) #2 The Blues. Is this no longer their year? (12:27) #3 Slip Roulette (17:50) #4 Should there be trades in Super Rugby? (21:51) #5 Best Double Brown story... (26:24) Social Media Fire (37:17) Best names to put on a coffee order at the Koru Lounge, Four pillars of Baby Boomer Drinks, What to do when using the toilet at a house party and the person before you has committed a massive crime, How milk is the greatest drink of all time and comes from boosies the greatest things of all time... Scenario - Would the All Blacks be better playing a full 80 minutes with only 14 players, or 15 players but one of the 15 must be a member of the ACC?(41:45)

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