The ACC: The Agenda - Episode 13 "Bring Back the Eyeliner"

Publish Date
Monday, 8 April 2019, 12:31PM

This episode's panel features James McOnie, Manaia Stewart & Mike Lane.

The Agenda Topics touched on this episode are: #1 Can we officially say it's the year of the Blues? #2 The 2019 Cricket World Cup squad selections. #3 Signature sports celebration song. #4 Ma’a for the Rugby World Cup. Is he too old? #5 Worst name for a sports stadium (Christchurch Stadium is set to be renamed Orangetheory Stadium, named after the global gym chain)

Social Media Rapid Fire: Names and numbers going on the back of shorts for The Ashes, Is Steamheads on Lake Road the best-named pub in New Zealand? Sexy Boomer 1st XI, Best "Red Card" ideas for Dunedin students

Scenario - Would you either give up the internet in all forms for a year or make your incognito browsing history public?

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