The ACC: The Agenda - Episode 10 "Golden Come Piss"

Publish Date
Monday, 11 March 2019, 4:34PM

This episode's panel features Matt Heath, James McOnie & Manaia Stewart.

The Agenda Topics touched on in this episode are: #1 What are The Weakend Warriors? (02:25) #2 Is Kane Williamson selfish? (09:32) #3Can we save everyone's time and give the Crusaders the Super Rugby title now? (13:05) #4 Monkeys v Chilis (19:05) #5 Replacing Eye Sockets (22:40) Social Media Fire (30:10) Great excuses for not going to work on Monday when you've been on the steam since Friday afternoon, The Four Pillars of New Zealand Male Ponytails, Are Millennials the Boomers of the future? Scenario - You have to pick one of these three options and if you successfully complete your chosen option you win 1 Billion Dollars...(41:30)

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