Matt & Jerry interview Adam Parore about the Black Caps World Cup chances & climbing Everest

Publish Date
Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 3:43PM

Former Black Caps keeper-batsmen Adam Parore joined Matt & Jerry to discuss the Black Caps chances at the Cricket World Cup and climbing Mt. Everest.

"It's pretty tough mate, I quite like it hard but once you get above 8000 metres you're in the big show there's no question about that," Parore said.

"The danger comes from many different aspects, one of the key risks as you alluded to is standing in a line of people, which is absurd, right?

"You're very hypoxic above 8000 metres, your body operates okay if you keep moving but it's not the sort of place you want to stand still for long periods of time."

He said a trend is forming of more and more people congesting on the mountain near the top and hasn't seen anything like it in his own eyes.

When Jerry asked which achievement was greater, his century against Australia and summiting Mount Everest, Parore struggled to answer.

"I think Everest is pretty hard to go past, that [innings] was sort of the defining sports moment of my life I would say but my memory is pretty foggy on some of that cricket stuff," he said.

"I think the summit is one very small part of it and I think a lot of people who start on the journey start to understand it's not actually about that.


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