Does Toni Street Think Mike Hosking Is Sexy?

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Sunday, 9 October 2016, 11:29AM

Seven Sharp host Toni Street, whose new show Spellbound debuts this Sunday, joined Hauraki’s Matt and Jeremy this morning for another round of Thank You For Your Honesty.

Joining the ranks of Real Housewife Angela Stone and the Prime Minister, Street was put through her paces, revealing some embarrassing truths.

“I know how this works…have you done this to Hosking before? Because I feel like he’ll pass judgement on me for this,” she said before the game started.

During the grilling, Toni revealed she has been drunk this month, that she does trim ‘downstairs’ and that she has stolen something before – but wouldn’t reveal what.

But the final question was a bit of a curveball for Streety:

“And finally is Mike Hosking sexy?”

To which she replied: “No! Definitely not!”

An honest answer indeed.

Missed the show? Catch the full podcast HERE

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