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Friday, 9 September 2022, 9:00AM

Radio Hauraki presents Barbecue Base – New Zealand's Meatiest Podcast 

Join Noel & Alex for Barbecue Base as they dive into everything BBQ! 

Tips, advice, reviews and news - it's American Low 'n' Slow styles with a kiwi twist! 

Help us welcome these great New Zealanders into our Hauraki podcast network and give it a listen today.   New episodes out fortnightly on iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts.  

Barbecue Base - NZ's Meatiest Podcast 


Alex Lawson is captain of the illustrious Burnt Beginnings competition BBQ team. During the day you'll find him a mild mannered marketing executive, convincing you to buy whatever product he's promoting at the time. But by night he'll be wearing his undies outside of his jeans, hanging by the fire with a sheet for a cloak perfecting his rib cook or finding a new way to make that mouthful of brisket even tastier than before! 

A tragic BBQ obsessive he's one half of the hosting team of NZ's meatiest podcast, Barbecue Base! 

Noel “BBQ Jesus” Hassapladakis has problems deciding what he wants to be so claims Greek, Italian, Lebanese, American and Filipino heritage - but overall he's from North London and yes, a dirty Spurs fan. The Founder of Meat Mafia Collective his first love is helping people cook better BBQ and va classes, social media and subscriptions to his mission is to turn you into the hero of your backyard bbq, one chicken wing at a time. 

When he's not doing that you'll find him as the other half, and he'll say the more knowledgeable one, of the Barbecue Base team! 

Barbecue Base is for anyone that dreams of being able present succulent, smoky and tender meat platters in front of friends and family to shower them with praise and adorement, but in reality you burnt the last snag to a crisp and cut up some lovely chicken sashimi that you swore was cooked instead.  Alex & Noel will give tips, tricks and advice whilst welcoming in some of the biggest names in BBQ from around the world to impart their wisdom to you one juicy morsel at a time! They’ve made the BBQ mistakes so that you don’t have too.

The podcast has been live for two years>

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