The ACC's Mitre 10 Cup Round One Power Rankings

Publish Date
Tuesday, 23 August 2016, 5:56PM

New Zealand's premier domestic rugby competition, The Mitre 10 Cup kicked off in the weekend.

The competition features a very confusing two tiered Top Division where all the teams play each other while playing for different titles...

Confused? Yeah, no kidding... Here's the official competition's explanation from it's website.

So to help fix the confusion, we're going to create our own Power Rankings so you can easily know which provincial rugby team is the best in the country each week. 

This week the scale ranks the teams by:

Average House Price Of Region (divided by) Number of Mitre 10s in team home town (times by) Strip Clubs in team home town

#1 Auckland - 969
#2 Wellington - 950
#3 Bay Of Plenty - 615
#4 North Harbour - 580
#5 Waikato - 513
#6 Tasman - 464
#7 Northland - 421
#8 Otago - 331
#9 Manawatu - 320
#10 Counties-Manakau - 286
#11 Southland - 223
#12 Hawke's Bay - 190
#13 Taranaki - 160
#14 Canterbury - 123

So, despite smashing Auckland 43-3 on the weekend Canterbury fall to the power of the Power Rankings due to the Strip Clubs to Mitre 10's ratio.

Good news for Auckland fans is, that even though their side was on the end of the hiding in the weekend. The high house prices and high number of both Strip Clubs and Mitre 10's push them to the top.

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