Sir John Kirwan Believes All Whites Could One Day Win FIFA World Cup

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016, 4:42PM


It may seem bold but Sir John Kirwan truly believes New Zealand can be best in the world - at football.

The former Italy, Japan and Blues coach, along with All Blacks assistant coach Wayne Smith, has spent some time with Anthony Hudson and the All Whites ahead of next month's OFC Nations Cup.

Kirwan said having spent time observing college football and discussing the game with former All White Danny Hay, he has huge belief that one day New Zealand can win the FIFA World Cup.

"The athletes that are coming through for New Zealand Football is incredible. I think they have some great athletes. I think you have to have that sort of goal and I believe that if we keep working hard, and keep attracting some of the athletes, we've got a great chance."

Kirwan sparked up a friendship with Hudson and said now seeing him in action, he's confident they can go well under him.

"There's some real good technology going on and there's a lot of excitement in those young guys, really engaged, they went out and hoed into it on the paddock."

Sir John Kirwan said he found the overall experience fascinating.

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