Police To Appeal Losi Filipo Sentence

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Thursday, 29 September 2016, 9:26PM
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Getty Images

Police are to appeal the discharge without conviction of Losi Filipo.

Filipo, 18, was last month discharged without conviction for an attack that occurred in central Wellington in October 2015.

He was charged with assaulting Kelsey Odell, 22, her boyfriend Hayden Williams, 22, Greg Morgan, 21, and Olivia Samuels, 22.

The sentence caused an outcry from Filipo's victims and other members of the public, who say Filipo should be convicted.

In a media statement, the Crown Law Office said the Solicitor-General had reviewed the matter.

“Approval has been given to the Police to file an application for leave to appeal, on a question of law, against the decision to discharge Mr Filipo without conviction.

“That application has now been filed in the Wellington High Court.”

Wellington Rugby terminated Filipo's contract earlier this week.

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