Steamed man smashes ATM for a pie

Publish Date
Thursday, 28 June 2018, 9:59AM


A steamed 26-year-old builder became so angry he smashed up a ATM when it wouldn't give him the cash to buy a pie.

Hayden Caskey, a steamed 26-year-old builder, decided to he wanted a pie and tried to withdraw some cash from an ATM in Hāwera to buy one.

Caskey was massively steamed at the time.

When the ATM "ate" then smashed a glass bottle against it.

He was found later by police and told them "he damaged the machine because it ate his bankcard and he needed the card to buy a pie".

Caskey pleaded guilty in Hāwera DIstrict Court on Tuesday to one charge of intentional damage.

Had the incident happened during Beer and Pie July Caskey may have gotten away with it...


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