Police called to calm Rick and Morty fans over a shortage Szechuan sauce

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Monday, 9 October 2017, 5:06PM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter

Last week McDonald’s tried to take advantage of the hordes of Rick and Morty fans by announcing a limited release of the coveted Szechuan sauce.

Originally made in 1998 as a promotional product for the Disney film, Mulan. The sauce was brought back for one day only on the 7th of September and turned out to be a massive disappointment.

Despite the gargantuan call for the slightly sweet, slightly spicy sauce, McDonald's only made burger all of it. So, when the masses of Rick and Morty fans showed up at their doorstep they were forced to call the police to shoo the crowds and prevent sauce riots...

Meanwhile, the lucky few who got their sticky mitts on the Szechuan sauce had a new cash cow to milk. On eBay, single packets (one ounce) were sold for upwards of $250, and a three-pack sold for a whopping $848. Which is insanity when you compare this to the measly $3.89 you’d pay to get the sauce.

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