Meanwhile in Whanganui...

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Thursday, 9 February 2017, 10:44AM
NZ Herald

NZ Herald

We thought we had seen it all until now - wow! 

Heading to the supermarket and getting a few things is a mission on it's own, let alone getting $450 worth of meat. That's probably around, let's say...45 meat packs? Enough to fill a trolley anyways.

Well, this lady managed to hide $450 worth of meat on her body in a Pakn'Save in Whanganui. That's putting steak in places steak should never go...unless you're into that.

She didn't manage to sneak it out for obvious reasons AND she's claiming she can't remember doing it either.  Reports indicate she was high in the sky due to the ole glass BBQ. 

Bloody meat head! 

via NZ Herald

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