Man suffers prolonged erection, profuse sweating, from energy drink

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Thursday, 10 January 2019, 4:04PM

A man was caught in an unfortunate situation after drinking an energy drink, leading to production of the product being suspended and an investigation launched.

The man, from Uganda, experienced profuse sweating, an abnormal heartbeat and a prolonged erection after consuming an SX Energy Natural Power Drink.

Tests have since found the product contains sildenafil citrate, better known as Viagra.

Revin Zambia, a Zambian firm, produce the energy drink which is exported around the region, including to Uganda.

The company's general manager said production was stopped on Tuesday, coinciding with the launch of an internal investigation.

"We have allowed the government or any of its agencies to conduct their own investigations as well, but as far as we know, the drink does not contain any drug," he told news outlet AFP.

The energy drink had been in production in the city of Ndola, north of the capital Lusaka, since last year.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) said tests by the Uganda National Drug Authority revealed the presence of sildenafil citrate.

And according to the Daily Mail, the PSZ said the label claims the drink "contains natural extracts of ginger and tongkat ali, a well-known aphrodisiac, and testosterone booster as the main ingredients".

Zambians have been warned to avoid the drink while authorities in Uganda confirmed imported supplies are being seized.

"We received notification from (the Ugandan) National Drug Authority that the energy drink was adulterated and our teams are impounding it," Uganda's bureau of standards spokesman Godwin Muhwezi told AFP.

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