KFC commissions painting for man who figured out their Twitter follower count

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 3:04PM

In a gesture of social media marketing genius, KFC has commissioned a special work of art for the man who figured out the company follows "11 herbs and spices on Twitter".

Last month, Twitter user @edgette22 figured out that KFC follows five Spice Girls and six people named Herb on Twitter.

"11 Herbs & Spices. I need time to process this," he posted.

The clever number of follows is KFC's secret combination of 11 herbs and spices.

Twitter loved the discovery.

Fast forward a few weeks and the Twitter user receives a pretty special gift.

The fried chicken food chain commissioned a painting to present to the man who figured out their Twitter mystery.

via Twitter

The painting was actually made by Wieden+Kennedy, an advertising agency, but it does not change the fact that KFC commissioned it and presented it to the Twitter user.

The images have since gone viral and featured on Reddits homepage on Wednesday morning.

This article was first published onĀ nzherald.co.nz and is republished here with permission.

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