Google "confirms" all New Zealanders are sheep shaggers

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017, 3:38PM


It remains the Aussies' favourite putdown for Kiwis - and now Google says it's true: us Kiwis are all sheep-shaggers.

The question was posed by a Reddit user: "Do New Zealanders f**k sheep?"

Unsure of our sexual habits, Reddit user StackableGoats' decided to ask Google for the answer.

And Google had a surprising response.

"Yes. All New Zealanders do in fact f**k sheep," her phone's Google Assistant app said out loud.

After reading out the answer, Google provided a written explanation.

"All New Zealanders do in fact f**k sheep. In New Zealand we shag sheep as though the apocalypse will probably arrive before dinner... Our list for the fluffy livestock overrules all such things, and is simply too great for one sheep to satisfy."

StackableGoats explained that she and her husband were discussing how Koalas in Australia have chlamydia and questioning how the first koala contracted the virus and passed it onto others.

"After a search we found out it was from livestock. He said 'well, how did the sheep get chlamydia?' And I said 'from the New Zealanders'. He didn't believe me, and well there you go," she wrote on reddit.

Reddit users appeared to run with the gag, talking of their own 'experiences'.

"Damnit, the Mrs is coming home and Shrek won't get out of the bed," one said.

One took aim at Australia, writing: "Wow, that's just terrible. I've never believed that about New Zealanders, never. Australians, maybe, but never New Zealanders... never."

"How do you think I feel, I get double the prejudice," said TheWelshKiwi56.

It appears the Google response pulled the explanation from the top search result - a blog written in 2008 titled 'The Truth about New Zealanders and sheep'.

This article was first published onĀ and is republished here with permission.

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