Drunk Mum Drives Straight On To The Set Of New Zombie Movie

Publish Date
Friday, 17 July 2015, 1:52PM

A drunken mum caused a bit of a stir after driving straight onto the set of a new zombie movie which was being filmed in a car park.

The women was found to be more than twice over the limit after driving into the coned-off car park.

She was apparently oblivious to the cast, crew and numerous extras in full zombie make-up...

The film is called "She Who Brings Gifts" and stars Glenn Close. It doesn't sound like she was there at the time of this incident though. 

After leaving her car in a space, the women apparently then even went back to adjust her parking, and still failed to notice the film crew who had set up camp in the car park.

Onlookers called the police and she was issued with a 42-month driving ban and a £385 fine to cover court costs.

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