Darude responds to Matt & Leigh's "Sandstorm" incident at the school fair

Publish Date
Thursday, 23 March 2017, 11:12AM


Darude's 1999 hit punisher "Sandstorm" became an audio meme for the Alternative Commentary Collective team over the summer.

"Win or lose... play Darude" was the slogan inside the caravan and the movement quickly swept the nation of cricket fans.

It appears the momentum hasn't stopped...

At an Auckland school fair over the weekend, Matt Heath & Leigh Hart were host DJs at a Bubble Disco and part of their set featured Darude's "Sandstorm".

 The clip features kids going from at first having no idea who Darude was, to going absolutely nuts. It went pretty viral...

Viral enough for Darude him self to comment on the video! 

Can we as a nation of Great New Zealanders please start a movement to get Darude to New Zealand to play an intimate evening gig for Radio Hauraki & ACC listeners asap?

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