Dark web users talk about the weirdest things that they've seen on there

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 12:05PM
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It's a place that not many people have visited, and one that a lot are curious about - 'The Deep Dark Web'

Apparently 96% of the internet's data lies in the deep web, while the other 4% is the thing that is accessible to everyone, except baby boomers is seems.


In a recent 'Askreddit' thread on reddit, users were asked to share their own stories of exploring the dark web, and we've compiled the most interesting.


Now we have to warn you, this stuff isn't pretty, and quite NSFW, so proceed at your own risk.


"There seems to be mountains of Russian child porn and groups of people, or a single person advertising their services to kill anyone or protect anyone.

I always imagine a computer savvy 15 year old typing these things out.

Or a not so creative cop."


"To be fair there's nothing much to see on the deep web that can't be accesed on the normal web too.

There's plenty of child porn on deep web , considering there's almost none probably on the normal web but I was never interested in that.

The most interesting things I've found though are websites that basically help you change your identity completly.

For example for 6000$-10000$ you can get an american ID , passport , driving license and all the paperwork done so you can move to America under a name you desire. That's quite cheap if you ask me. I mean somewhere around ~8k$ just to get a new identity and start a new life in a new country? I could basically sell my house , spend 8k on the new id's and move to america and buy a flat with the rest of the money and start a new life all together.

Also there was an interesting PDF with easily 1000 pages written by ex-inmates about how to survive in prison , how to get drugs in and out of prisons , gangs etc."


"I played around with tor closer to when the feds were taking down all the best known onion sites. I did manage to see some anarchist blog type thing. Just a lot of random images of violence to terrorist propaganda. It wasn't that the imagery was scary, but it was just unsettling and had the desired chaotic/anarchic feel to it. As a veteran to the Internet, it still got boring pretty fast and I moved on."


"Pretty insane quantities of drugs for sale. No idea if it was legit in the slightest but it purported to offer many kilograms of very hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc."


"Probably the weirdest shit I've seen on the deep web was a medical services advertisement. They claimed to have a few warehouses full of people in different countries and in different conditions (ranging from homeless people kidnapped in NYC to slaves bought in third world countries).

For whatever sum of money you could supposedly have whatever immoral medical experiments run on people. They also had some papers on some of the work they'e been doing. Mostly it seemed to be how much of a substance would be required to kill someone or to cause a spontaneous abortion."

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