Meet The Infamous "Get Your Hands Off My Penis" Bloke

Publish Date
Monday, 15 May 2023, 11:47AM

The "Get Your Hands Off My Penis" video is arguably one of the greatest videos of all time! 

Jack Karlson, on 11 October 1991, was treating a friend to lunch at one of his favourite local restaurants. 

He was then arrested by the Brisbane police who didn't know that Karlson had been a criminal and a serial prison escapee. He was also a part-time actor.

Karlson had spent most of his life in homes and prisons which was news to us and he escaped in 1966! 

Two years later, after he had been locked up in McLeod Prison Farm on Victoria's French Island for another theft, he convinced a local fisherman to give him a lift to the mainland.

32 Years later, and we finally get to hear from the man himself - 'MR. DEMOCRACY MANIFEST'! 

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