The best/worst moments of 'The Bachelor' Ep 1 in GIFs

Publish Date
Monday, 20 March 2017, 11:53AM


If you managed to escape watching the first episode of the awkward train wreck that is The Bachelor last night you're one of the lucky ones.

However, if you did see it and need some comic relief, we've put together the 10 best gifs of awkwardness and humiliation.

The Bachelor's walk proves he's the long lost son of Colin Craig...

Lily knows how to maximise her drinking time!

Dominic Bowden is a time traveller


That's one helluva first/third impression...

Never date a magician!!! 

Way to promote the common stereotype that all British people love tea! 

We're not quite sure but it appears Sophie is keen. Or completely terrified! 

So close...

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Come to uncle Dom! 

All gifs via +HR=E

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