Star Wars fans stealing whatever they can from Disney's new park

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Saturday, 29 June 2019, 11:48AM


The lure of the dark side is proving too much for some Star Wars fans to resist when they visit Galaxy's Edge, the popular new attraction at Disneyland.

The Orange Country Register has reported that some of the more morally dubious visitors to the park have been smuggling out Star Wars objects and items to later flip on auction site eBay for maximum profit.

The Star Wars themed land, which opened last month in Anaheim, is already home to exclusive merchandise that can only be purchased at the Disneyland park like replica lightsabers and commemorative mugs, and it wasn't long before these legally purchased items began appearing on eBay with galactic sized mark-ups.

But recently there's been a disturbance in the force as listings appear on eBay for items that weren't ever intended to leave the park. These items include things like visitor and pilot cards which are handed to visitors and are supposed to be returned after a ride, special maps of the park, laminated menus and coasters from the Oga Cantina eatery and even Star Wars themed sporks.

Things have got so out of hand that the restaurant has been forced to station guards at the exit to ensure any budding Han Solo types don't attempt to smuggle out the interstellar themed glassware the cantina's serves its alien themed cocktails in.

Let's hope this situation resolves and balance is soon returned to the park before Disney sends out the bounty hunters to track these thieving smugglers down. Because we all know that doesn't end well...

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