Ryan Seacrest Breaks Brian Cranston's "Face" At The Oscars

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Monday, 29 February 2016, 2:17PM
Getty Images

Getty Images

The Breaking Bad actor presented Seacrest with a little "present" - in the form of a biscuit with his face on it, but things went swiftly downhill when the cookie crumbled, literally.

During the exchange of food the host accidentally snapped the baked delight, with one section tumbling to the plush carpeted floor.

Cranston feigned shock as Seacrest scrambled to pick up the pieces, in a fumbling filmed interview.

The cookie was all part of the hype around this year's Oscars, and was one of many iced options made featuring Hollywood celebrities, Cranston explained.

It wasn't the first food offering on the red carpet, with Sam Smith delivered a cup of English tea, with British milk earlier in the evening.

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