Kiwi Actor Steals From The Rock During Moana Interview

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016, 11:48AM

Jemaine Clement is starring in Disney's newest movie, 'Moana' - and in a crecent interview he's shown he's got a few things in common with his character.

"I play a giant magical hermit crab called Tamatoa who loves shiny things, trinkets, goblets, gold, gems. His obsession has driven him to madness," he says. "He's kind of a real collector of things. It was a real stretch for me as far as acting is concerned."

He says: "Do you mind if I ask you a question... can I have one of those cookies there?" Clement then starts stuffing his pockets full of cookies.

Jermaine stealing cookies during a Moana interview. Photo / Getty
source: getty images

When asked what it's like working for Disney, he says they are very generous and give him gifts all the time.

He grabs a nearby gift labelled for 'Dwayne Johnson" and says: "Like this free gift basket... oops they spelt my name wrong," he says, ripping off the name tag.

via NZ Herald

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