Watch the video for the new track "Blackout" from TURNSTILE

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 December 2021, 8:57AM

Turnstile have shared the video for "Blackout", one of the kick-ass singles from their album 'Glow On'. 

The animated music video directed by Turnstile with Alexis Jamet and Logan Triplett heading the animation.

Recorded with producer Mike Elizondo and co-produced by Yates, 'Glow On' follows Turnstile’s 2018 album 'Time & Space', which saw the Baltimore band charting new ground for hardcore, expanding stylistic boundaries and celebrating new possibilities. With 'Glow On' that utopic vision is fully realized; 15 tracks devoid of borders, boundaries, or entry obstacles, only abundant imagination, heart, and grooves plucked from all corners of the musical spectrum.