Watch the video for the brand new The Beths' song "A Real Thing"

Publish Date
Wednesday, 9 February 2022, 7:12PM

The Beths have dropped their new single "A Real Thing", their first new song since the release of their award-winning second album, 2020’s Jump Rope Gazers.

“‘A Real Thing’ is a kind of anxiety dream. It's a bit muddled, a bit frantic, a bit sinister,” says lead singer Liz Stokes. Stokes wrote "A Real Thing" in late 2020, following the elections in New Zealand and the U.S., attempting to reach for optimism about the future, but ultimately playing more apocalyptic scenarios of climate change in her head.

Stokes' lyrics include specific references to how New Zealand has dealt with sea-level rise in the past: "In NZ people sometimes use tyres and cement to build retaining walls by the water, to try to stop the land being eroded away as the sea encroaches. It doesn't really work." It’s a poignant image for a band that has had to navigate the constant changes in our present moment.

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