Watch the brand new video from Dead Favours for the tune "Move On"

Publish Date
Monday, 28 June 2021, 9:02AM

Hot on the heels of their hugely successful New Zealand tour, Dead Favours drop their new music video for "Move On" (produced by Chris Mac Six60).

The music video for "Move On" drives home the universal acknowledgement that music and dance brings people together! Creatively the idea manifested itself from discussions with the bands long-time friend, co-worker and fellow musician Swap Gomez (Yoko-Zuna) after the band realised the infection and danceable groove that goes with the song, an element that was new for the band and that they wanted to bring to light. After discussing some of their favourite dance related music videos with the director (that included references to The Black Keys, Fatboy Slim and even Lil' John), Gomez came back with different treatments as options, and everyone unanimously voted for the idea that turned into the video you see now. It definitely embodies the theme of the song/album of Moving On from a situation that does not work for you and having fun again.

Frontman Jared Wrennall states, "This was the hardest, but one of the most fun videos I've ever made. Turns out, dancing is real fun even if you can’t dance! An amazing cast and crew have put together a video I never thought I’d make! I spent an entire day dancing around a house, and somehow they made it look good!”

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