Watch Green Day bring an 11-year-old fan onstage to play guitar

Publish Date
Tuesday, 17 August 2021, 4:01PM

Green Day have been bringing fans onstage to play guitar during their cover of Operation Ivy's "Knowledge" on the Hella Mega Tour, and during their stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania they found a young rocker named Meyer who's just 11 years old but has been playing guitar for six years. Billie Joe Armstrong quickly brought him up and offered him a blue guitar. After he proceeded to shred, Armstrong said "f**k it" and let him take the instrument home.

The kid's dad Mike Gordon commented on a YouTube video, writing: "That’s my boy, Meyer!!! He’s been practicing and jamming Green Day throughout the pandemic. Hours each day. They are his favourite, but he also loves to play Nirvana, [Smashing] Pumpkins, Foo [Fighters], Blink[-182] and Rage Against The Machine. Proof positive that hard work and dedication to your passion, with a little luck sprinkled in, can make dreams come true. SO F**KING PROUD. Much gratitude to Billie Joe, Mike and [Tre] for being such gracious rock stars. Best show ever!”

Watch the footage above (Meyer comes up around the 3:00 mark).

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