Watch Foo Fighters rock out with costumed mascots at private show

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Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 7:50AM

Foo Fighters are taking a little break from their 26th-anniversary tour, and spent their time off...playing a show.

The band performed during Salesforce's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, treating the tech company's employees to an 11-song set that included covers of Queen, Rolling Stones and Bee Gees songs. But perhaps the most entertaining part of the show came during "All My Life," when a trio of giant plushy costumed mascots named Astro, Einstein and Ruth came onstage to rock out with the Foos.

Midway through the rousing six-and-a-half-minute rendition of the song, Dave Grohl slowed things down a bit to give the dancing characters a breather. “I’m going to break it down, because I know you’re f***ing dying in that suit right now. Einstein, are you okay?” Grohl asked. When they broke back into the track, he joked: “Just when I thought life couldn’t get any f***ing weirder. You need to chill f*** out, Einstein. You’re going too hard, brother.”

When they finished playing the song, Grohl gushed about how "amazing" the mascots were before telling them to "get the f*** off my stage right now."

"Wow, what just happened?" he laughed. Grohl will spend the rest of his break from touring with the Foos to tour in support of his upcoming book, The Storyteller.

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