Unearthed video shows Zack De La Rocha and Dave Grohl performing together

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Monday, 1 March 2021, 10:58AM

The summer of 1994 was a period of transition for Dave Grohl. He, along with the rest of the world, was still reeling from Kurt Cobain's death in April, and he was beginning to write songs that would be recorded in October under the moniker Foo Fighters, but in August the drummer joined his pre-Nirvana band Scream for a surprise reunion show at the Dragonfly club in Hollywood. And so did Zack de la Rocha.

As recently unearthed footage shows, the Rage Against The Machine singer teamed up with Scream to tear through the hardcore band's song "Human Behavior" off their 1983 debut album Still Screaming.

"Every now and then I get the privilege of helping track down/restore/archive incredible moments lost in time. Like this surprise SCREAM reunion set from August 23, 1994 at the Dragonfly in LA when Zack de la Rocha performed 'Human Behavior' alongside Pete Stahl with Dave Grohl on drums," YouTuber hate5six wrote in the video's description. "Huge thanks to Marc Maxey for finding his tape and sending it to me and Chris Bratton for mentioning this even happened."

Grohl played with Scream from 1986 until its abrupt disbandment in 1990. He joined Nirvana shortly after.

Watch de la Rocha and Scream perform "Human Behavior" above.

This article was first published on iheart.com and is republished here with permission

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