Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph reveals the hardest part about pleasing fans

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Monday, 20 December 2021, 9:29AM
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Tyler Joseph absolutely adores his fans, but during an interview with AltPress the Twenty One Pilots bassist/singer revealed the personal toll interacting on social media takes on him.

“I want to step up, to try to be a good example,” he explained. “Josh and I are the eldest siblings in our families. We both come from a family of four, and we’re the oldest brothers in both of our families, and so I think that [comes] naturally.”

“But it’s a push and pull," he continued after a brief pause. "I want to go to social media to interact with our fans, to be that example. Our fans have done so much for us. Sometimes I feel like I owe them at least to get on here and tell them the life that they’ve given me. They deserve it. But it’s hard to negotiate with my happiness. It’s still something I’m working on.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Joseph opened up about why he prefers to write music alone.

“You just can’t co-write a song with a story behind it that is as deep as some of the stories I’ve fallen in love with,” he said. “There’s something also very powerful about being able to say, ‘Hey, this is me.’ If this fails, it’s me. If it does well, it’s me.”

“When Tyler and I first met, and when we started playing music together, we both realized that we were not musicians that ever really enjoy jamming,” Josh Dun added. “He has a studio in his basement. He likes to just go down there and create. It feels like that would be a little bit dysfunctional, but it’s not."

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