Tom Morello shares epic throwback photo front row at 1991 Tool gig

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Tuesday, 25 January 2022, 11:29AM

Tool started out like any other rock band, playing sweaty shows in tiny clubs to small audiences. And around 1991, a young Tom Morello attended one of those shows at Raji's nightclub in Hollywood. What's wild is that was the same year the guitarist would help form Rage Against the Machine.

Morello shared a photo from that night on Instagram, showing him intently watching the performance from the front row, adorned in a red hat and leather jacket, while a shirtless Maynard James Keenan intensely stared out into the audience posed in a crouching position, his hand on the mic stand.

The captured moment is pretty epic. See for yourself below.

Morello also recently took to Twitter to tell a hilarious story about how he got mistaken for a cast member from the reality show Jersey Shore.

"I was hiking today when one of those 'Hollywood Tours Of The Stars Homes' vans pulled up," he explained. "The driver says on the bullhorn 'Hey I recognize you from somewhere! Are you one of those Jersey Shore guys??' I reply, 'Absolutely.' And everyone in the van took a photo."

As for RATM, the band plans to finally embark on its long-awaited reunion tour later this year.

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