Tom Morello is giving away his signature guitar and wah wah pedal

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Sunday, 22 November 2020, 10:36AM
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Tom Morello gave his musically-inclined fans exactly what they wanted this year when he partnered with Fender to release a replica of his beloved Soul Power guitar and Jim Dunlap for a signature Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal. Unsurprisingly, the gear isn't cheap, so if you've been yearning for a guitar and pedal of your own but just can't afford it, the famed axeman's got your back.

On Wednesday (November 18), Morello announced he was giving away his signature guitar and pedal as a packaged deal through Tunespeak, and all fans have to do is engage with the Rage Against The Machine legend and his new Comandante EP. Easy, right? Actions like joining his mailing list or referring a friend to the give away will award you with 1,000 entries, while things like listening to the EP, watching the "Interstate 80" video, following Morello on Instagram, and more will also give you chances to win.

Get more info about the sweepstakes HERE and see Morello's announcement below.

Fans can get the full experience by learning guitar from Morello himself. He's one of many celebrities teaching a virtual MasterClass based on their expertise.

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