Tom DeLonge says a new Angels & Airwaves single is "coming in a few weeks"

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Monday, 5 April 2021, 12:59PM
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Since 2019, Angels & Airwaves have shared three new tracks — "All That's Left Is Love," "Kiss and Tell" and" Rebel Girl — but it doesn't sound like any of them will appear on the band's upcoming album. Frontman Tom DeLonge spent the weekend teasing new content. On Saturday (April 3), he shared a photo teasing the project's lead single and when fans can expect to hear it. "@angelsandairwaves 1st single and music video coming in a few weeks," he wrote on Instagram. He followed that up with a post captioned "Music video #3 in the can" — sounds like they've been busy!

See both posts below.

DeLonge started talking about the single last month, when a fan lamented about his beloved blink-182 side project, Boxer Car Racer, only putting out one album.

"Box Car Racer is one of the best albums I've ever listened to, personally. I really wish it had continued," the fan tweeted. "I know Tom DeLonge says that Angels & Airwaves is a continuation of BCR, but none of AvA's albums have the same feel at all. (And I love all of AvA's stuff too)"

The message caught the eyes of DeLonge, who responded: "Stay tuned then for this first single from the new @AVABandOfficial album. Very BCR and that’s also why Rich Costey is mixing it, because he mixed the BCR album... As he gave it that feel u are describing."

Without giving any specific details about the new collection of songs, DeLonge has pumped fans up for its release, declared it AVA's "best yet" on several occasions.

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