Tom DeLonge is selling over 100 pieces of his Blink-182 and AVA gear

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Friday, 19 March 2021, 12:25PM

Tom DeLonge's been a professional musician for 30 years, so it's no surprise that he's accumulated a massive load of gear. It looks like the Angels & Airwaves frontman is doing some spring cleaning, because he's selling over 100 items from his collection that includes pieces used during his time in blink-182, too.

DeLonge is opening up a Reverb Shop on March 24, which features synthesizers, keyboards, amps, pedals, road cases and more. Some of the highlights include Marshall JMP-1 and Mesa Boogie Triaxis amps that blink toured with beginning in 2000; two Roland Fantom X6 workstation keyboards used on every AVA recording and tour prior to 2011; seven MXR EVH-117 Flanger and five Fulltone Full-Drive2 Mosfet pedals that DeLonge began using during blink’s 2009 tour; a synthesizer that still has AVA presets; and over a dozen road cases plastered in blink and AVA stickers from tours.

“This gear has done so much for me and gave me a chance to bring my art to so many people,” DeLonge said. “I really hope it can be used by somebody with the same aspirations I once held as a young musician. These are the kinds of tools that can take a musician from a bedroom, to a garage, and to the stage.”

Watch his announcement video above.

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