The Offspring share creepy visuals for "In The Hall Of The Mountain King"

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Friday, 25 June 2021, 6:35PM

The Offspring may have put out their 10th album, Let The Bad Times Roll, back in April, but that doesn't mean they're done giving fans content. Last month, they shared a ridiculous video for "We Never Have Sex Anymore" that starred chimpanzee and featured a cameo from John Stamos. On Thursday (June 24), they shared visuals for their rendition of Edvard Grieg's classic piece, "In The Hall Of The Mountain King."

The red-hued clip brings the title to life in a hellish landscape, as an astronaut of some kind runs along jagged rock while demonic hands grab at their feet. The prize is a stony throne atop a mountain adorned with a flag donning the band's iconic skull logo.

“'In the Hall of the Mountain King' is a classical song written by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg in 1875," The Offspring wrote on Twitter. "The original is a pretty good version, but we always felt that he just didn’t quite nail it. So, we’re here to set history straight..."

Watch the video above.

Though the band finished Let The Bad Times Roll last year, frontman Dexter Holland recently explained toSPIN why they waited until 2021 to put it out.

“It’s almost like the time had to be right for this record for whatever reason it just wasn’t right until now,” he admitted before adding: “Where we’re at in the world is just a sort of onslaught of bad news and bad things. ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ sounds like an attitude amongst the people who are like ‘Bring it! What else you got?!’”

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