Roger Waters tells fans to "F*CK OFF" during live show

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Wednesday, 11 October 2023, 12:43PM

Roger Waters directed explicit language at the audience as they began leaving during his performance in London on Sunday. This marked his first concert since unveiling "The Dark Side of the Moon Redux," a reimagined version of Pink Floyd's 1973 classic. Fans were excited for the live debut of new material but were left disappointed as Waters unexpectedly read from his yet-to-be-released autobiography for about an hour.

As per the Daily Mail, Waters "recited extensive notes about his pets, like a duck named Donald, taking up 20 minutes and surprising the audience." Another account mentioned the singer going on a "tirade" about Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

Simultaneously, The Times reported another instance where an account "started with a promising memory of Syd Barrett, Floyd’s original leader, but only highlighted Barrett's prolific songwriting and innocent demeanor." 

When some attendees engaged in private conversations, Waters grew irritated. He firmly stated “If you want to tell stories, tell them in your own time to your own audience in your own fucking theatre,” the rocker declared.

Later, as a few fans started leaving, Waters bluntly told them to "f*ck off."

Following an extensive hour of spoken-word performance, Waters presented two songs, "The Bar" and "Mother." Subsequently, a 20-minute break ensued, followed by a brief film outlining the creation of The Dark Side of the Moon Redux. Waters then proceeded to perform the album's 11 songs sequentially.

Some of the discontent during Waters' show could be attributed to a simple misunderstanding. The performance was initially promoted as a two-part event: the first segment titled "Other Stuff" and the second featuring The Dark Side of the Moon Redux performed in its entirety.

In light of this, there were still numerous attendees who appeared content with the experience. Those who remained until the end bestowed a standing ovation upon the Pink Floyd co-founder.

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