Noel Gallagher is planning a solo tour "of mostly Oasis songs"

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Monday, 14 June 2021, 9:13AM
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Noel Gallagher's been busy with his solo act, High Flying Birds, but despite his former band Oasis calling it quits over a decade ago, he realizes that fans want to hear those songs when they see him live. And it sounds like he's planning to give the people what they want.

Though he usually scatters some Oasis songs into his solo setlists, Gallagher's never focused a tour on his old music. But that might change.

“When I am making a record, I don’t think about my legacy. I am in the trenches with the songs and I follow my instincts. How they come out is how they come out. As a whole, High Flying Birds is a totally different set-up to Oasis. They couldn’t be more different," he explained to The Sun. “But when I put together a show, you have to merge the two. You can’t charge people £70 a ticket and not do a handful of Oasis songs, some of the most famous songs of the Nineties.”

“It is a privileged position to be in. I will probably get round to a tour of mostly Oasis songs when I do the acoustic thing," he continued. “There is always a plan to take that out properly with an orchestra on tour, but I am not sure when that will happen because of the COVID s***.”

Despite performing Oasis material during his solo sets, Gallagher's been outspoken about his thoughts on a reunion. "Oasis is done" he proclaimed during a recent interview. “The legacy of the band is set in stone.”

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