New Jim Morrison book contains never-before-seen journals, poetry, lyrics

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Monday, 1 March 2021, 10:13AM


A new book of writings by The Doors' iconic frontman Jim Morrison is due out this spring, in what's being called the most extensive collection yet for Morrison's words.

The Collected Works of Jim Morrison, Poetry, Journals, Transcripts and Lyrics will feature both previously published work and never-before-seen material, including unrecorded song lyrics, poetry, personal notebook entries, drawings, photos and other documents.

The tome was put together with the assistance of his estate.

Among the more noteworthy sections are pages documenting Morrison's 1970 trial in Miami, in which he was sentenced on obscenity and profanity charges, and some of his final writings in Paris from shortly before his death at age 27.

There's even a movie treatment called The Hitchhiker about a murderous drifter.

In his later years, Morrison publicly expressed a desire to focus more on literature than music, once telling Rolling Stone that a career as a serious writer was his "greatest hope."

The Collected Works of Jim Morrison will be available everywhere, beginning June 8.

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