Mark Hoppus seemingly reveals Cancer diagnosis n Deleted Instagram Post

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Thursday, 24 June 2021, 11:00AM
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Mark Hoppus seemed to have revealed a cancer diagnosis via Instagram stories. The blink-182 bandleader shared a photo from what appears to be a chemotherapy treatment session with the caption, "Yes, hello. One cancer treatment, please." He quickly deleted the post, but not before fans were able to take screenshots and express their concerns on Twitter.

"Thought @markhoppus from my favourite band @blink182 had been quiet on here recently and just seen on his Instagram that he is fighting cancer. This really is the worst news. Stay strong Mark and hope to see you back on stage soon!" one fan wrote.

"My heart is actually breaking over mark hoppus having cancer. Wishing him all the love to get well soon!!!" tweeted another.

Others sent wishes of kicking cancer's a** like only Mark could: "The news about Mark Hoppus having cancer is so so so incredibly sad and I truly hope that as the godfather of pop punk he brutally kicks its a**"

One fan's even contemplating believing in God again for the sole purpose of praying for Mark's recovery: "Mark Hoppus has cancer and I’m debating trying to believe in god again just to pray for him to get through it"

Mark hasn't addressed the post since deleting it, so we're unsure of details at this point, but if he truly is battling cancer we mirror the a** kicking sentiment! See fans' reactions below.

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