Mark Hoppus on how Tom DeLonge wrote a classic "All The Small Things" line

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Thursday, 13 January 2022, 3:55PM

"All The Small Things" is one of blink-182's most famous songs, and it's also the one with the most sophisticated word: commiserating.

Podcaster Ashley Hamilton asked Twitter a serious question earlier this week: "Did you know the word commiserating before blink 182 yes or no," she wrote. Mark Hoppus quote-retweeted her, explaining how Tom DeLonge came up with the big word.

"Tom already had 'watching, waiting' and needed another five syllables," Mark revealed. Followers then chimed in with the hilarious things they thought Tom was saying when they heard the song growing up.

"i was a child with an interest in pg13 movies so i thought it was 'come in, no rating,'” wrote one.

"If the teenagers didn’t tell you it’s 'c** is a rating' you didn’t grow up without the internet," replied another.

See Mark's post below.

This isn't the only recent trip down memory lane. Last week, Tom recalled how the Neighborhoods track "Natives" was subjected to a bunch of "gnarly" temp names. "The temp names of this track were so gnarly, they shall be forever lost to history," he wrote on Instagram alongside a snippet of the 2011 song. "Haha But the one word from all the funny titles that stayed was 'Natives.'"

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