Listen to the new DMA'S track "The Glow"

Publish Date
Friday, 17 April 2020, 10:07AM

"The Glow" is the intoxicating title track off DMA’S forthcoming third album, which will now be released on Friday 10 July.

The track has an anthemic feel with a signature distorted guitar riff and a Strokes-y beat, layered with vocalist Tommy O’Dell’s euphoric howl. The track was fine-tuned over the years, overseeing many personal and professional changes for the band. It’s for this reason Tommy says it’s one of his favourites off the record, “for me it’s a snapshot of where we were and where we’re at now”. This perhaps explains why it's also the most upbeat track on the hugely anticipated album. While the intro has hints of the digital sequencers that are sprinkled through the album, "The Glow" is a classic DMA’S belter and a nod to the guitar-driven warmth that defined the band’s early sound.