Liam Gallagher enlists Grohl for last-minute single "Everything's Electric"

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Tuesday, 8 February 2022, 9:30PM

Liam Gallagher's spirited new single, "Everything's Electric," could be the best work yet of his solo career.

Gallagher dropped the lyric video for the new tune Thursday. "Everything's Electric" barges in with Rolling Stones-like rock 'n' roll swagger, then quickly shades towards classic Oasis. The pre-chorus evokes a bit of Foo Fighters introspection, and it's no wonder that Dave Grohl is listed as a co-writer on the tune.

Grohl also plays drums on the track, which was produced by Greg Kurstin.

"Everything's Electric" will appear on Liam's forthcoming solo album, his third overall, C'mon You Know, which is slated for worldwide released on May 22.

Liam explained in a recent interview that the album was finished — or so he thought — when he got a call about a song from Grohl and Kurstin.

"It kick the doors open to what's next," Gallagher said. "We'd finished the album, and I'm off to the pub now, cos I'd been working really hard. Then I get a phone call going, 'Don't go to the pub just yet — they've got a song for you.' So I'm like, 'For fu-- go on, then.' So I hear it and go, 'Yeah man, it's cool, that will fit on the album.' I hold off the alcohol intake... then we go back to the studio the next day and record it. Dave was in L.A. with Greg and that, and I was in sunny London."

Check out the song via the player above!

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