Here's what Brandon Flowers really played at "For Reasons Unknown" shoot

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Tuesday, 29 June 2021, 11:25AM

The Killers' music video for their song "For Reasons Unknown" came out 14 years ago, but the band is now revealing a "fun fact" about the music video shoot — the song that Brandon Flowers was really playing while shooting the visual.

While filming the music video for "For Reasons Unknown," which Flowers plays bass on, the frontman was not playing the song — he was playing something else: the unmistakeable and infamous Seinfeld bassline.

On the band's Twitter account, along with a link to their music video, they tweeted, "Fun fact: Brandon is just playing the Seinfeld bassline during the whole video shoot."

"For Reasons Unknown" is from The Killers' 2006 album Sam's Town, and is the only song by the band where Flowers is playing bass (bassist Mark Stoermer is playing guitar). In an interview with NME, Brandon explained of the song, "We wrote it on the road, while we were touring with Louis XIV. It was written really quickly, and it’s got a real urgency about it because of that. We recorded it live, and I’m playing bass on it – that’s the only song on any Killers record where I play bass."

The Killers have been working on new music, and recently confirmed that they have a new album on the way this year. During an Instagram Live in April, Flowers said of the project, "I mean it’s finished, yeah. We’re basically in the mastering phase. It will come out this year. We were hoping for an early summer release, but the vinyl manufacturing companies are all inundated with the artists who held their albums back because of COVID. Now they're all trying to get their albums out and are making this push. We want to release everything simultaneously, so we're running into a wall."

The band's drummer, Ronnie Vannucci Jr., added: "It's good and it’s different. I want to explore talking about the record, but we were told not to let the cat out of the bag too much."

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