Eric Clapton, a German widow and a cheap, pirated CD

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Wednesday, 22 December 2021, 7:53AM

Guitar legend Eric Clapton doesn't have much patience for people trying to profit off his music - even if it is to the tune of $13.

The New York Post reports that a woman in Düsseldorf, Germany has been sued by the "Black Magic Woman" singer after she listed a burned copy of a 1980s recording of Clapton in concert on eBay for €9.95 ($NZ13). She claimed she made the copy from an album bought by her late husband from a department store in 1987. Clapton said in an affidavit that the recording was illegal.

According to the post, she told a Düsseldorf regional court she had no idea that what she'd done was illegal and appealed the charge. But her appeal was denied and she was stung with a $5600 fine, said to cover the legal fees of each party.

If she attempts to sell the album again she could face a fine of up to $416,000 and six months' jail time.

zWhile Clapton has been busy keeping tabs on people out to make a quick $13 from his work, he's also become an outspoken opponent of public health management of coronavirus, refusing to perform in venues where unvaccinated people are denied entry and giving financial support to others openly against pandemic efforts.

It was reported earlier in 2021 that Clapton donated $1600 to UK boycott band Jam for Freedom to assist in the payment of fines incurred for breaching Covid safety protocols at a concert.

He's also teamed up with Van Morrison on a song, "Stand and Deliver," which features the line: "Do you wanna be a free man … Or do you wanna be a slave?"

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